Friday, February 12, 2010

Gondolayu Bridge

I think its a quite known bridge in Yogyakarta From this bridge you can see the beauty of Code River valley at night.. And it is close to the Tugu monument And there is a good culinary spot Where you can eat toasted bread and hot milk, while enjoying the night wind and seeing the valley with the little 'stars' from the houses below


  1. Gondolayu has a long history. build in Yogyakarta kingdom era, it was build to connect between Kraton Kasultanan area with Pakualaman area. other version said, it's named "Gondo (Le) Layu" because the Code river used to be grave for dead body. The other version, Gondolayu was mentioned from "Gondol (cah) Ayu".. :D

    -- zam :

  2. my house is near from this bridge, almost everyday im passing there, and in the night, im so excited there, many little stars from many houses u can see from the bridge, there are also some restaurants so if u hungry, u can go there to eat food. Jogjakarta is wonderful